I have a private pilot license

Doug Royer

I aquired my private pilot license many years ago and enjoy flying.

The class of license I have is PP-SEL, which stands for Private Pilot, Single Engine, Land. This means as long as it has one engine, the flight is not for commercial purposes, it has landing grear, and I am checked out with the plane, I can fly it.


If you are considering becoming a pilot, I strongly recomment you contact the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoication.

Below are some of my flying pictures.

Flying in Adelaide Australia

While traviling on busisness and doing IETF work, Alan Stebbens (a pilot), Keith Moore (a pilot), and I decided to rent a Cessna 172 (Tail # VHWNN) and go flying around Adelaide Australia. Here are some pictures.

Click on any image to see larger view.

Keith and I are waiting for Alan to get in. Alan is going to take the first turn at flying near the bottom of the Earth. flying Keith & Doug waiting to fly in the back seat.

Good thing the aircraft rental agent (right seat) is looking forward. flying While Alan is looking backwards.

Alan landed on a dirt strip North of Adelade and Alan & Keith waiting for me to get in and fly. flying

This is a view flying of the South shore of Adelaide.
On the way back, I overflew the Adelaide Airport.
flying We were right down the centerline. flying In this photo we are over the South shore looking North at the city of Adelaide. With the Airport in the foreground. flying

This is a better look at the Adelaide Shoreline.

flying Me Flying.

My favorite picture of Adelaide Harbor. flying Not in the picure, and below us was a kite flying contest. We found out when one of the kites got too close - no damage to us or the kite.

flying Me Landing at YPPF (Adelaide Australia Airport). There was a slight right crosswind - which is why the pland is slightly tilted to the right.

The next weekend Alan, Paul Hill (from MIT), and I decided to try flying micros along the East coast of Australia. Here I wait for the instructor to get ready so I am flying looking arround the hanger. As a pilot and aircraft owner, knowing the flying micro's panel is important. The instructor flying prepares me for the fligt as we do a pre-flight inspection. (Paul is in the left of the picture). Here the instructor is making sure I am flying buckled in correctly. We flying taxi for takeoff. There is no fusaladge around you in a micro, you can just flying look down!. The RED in the upper right is a glove that is fixed to the control bar. If it gets cold you can put your hands in the glove - and the glove does not get lost.